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Cancer-related pain (CRP) is one of the most common and symptoms associated with cancer progression and treatment. 癌症相关疼痛(CRP)是与癌症进展和治疗相关的最常见和最衰弱(debilitatin)g的症状之一。 Affecting approximately half of patients



Cancer-related pain (CRP) is one of the most common and  symptoms associated with cancer progression and treatment.
Affecting approximately half of patients with cancer, CRP has significant implications for the quality of life (QOL), psychosocial well-being, and daily functioning of patients with cancer and cancer survivors.
CRP can be caused by a number of factors associated with cancer and, depending on the cause, may manifest in different forms and at varying severities.
 Appropriate treatment of CRP should be individualized and comprehensive, and should account for patient preferences.

Frequently explored by patients with CRP, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) serves as a potential option for relief.
Complementary medicine is the use of non-mainstream treatments in addition to conventional treatment, while alternative medicine involves the use of non-mainstream treatment instead of conventional treatment.
补充医学是在传统治疗之外使用非主流治疗,而替代医学涉及使用非主流治疗而不是传统治疗【4, 62】。
Results of the 2007 National Health Interview Survey indicated that 65% of American respondents who had ever received a cancer diagnosis reported using CAM approaches at some point.
In a separate study, CAM use was reported by 40% to 85% of patients with cancer.
 In a study investigating the prevalence of CAM use by women with breast cancer, 58% of respondents reported having used CAM specifically to relieve symptoms of their cancer or its treatment,7 among the most prevalent of which was CRP.

Several CAM therapies have been proposed for the management of symptoms associated with cancer, such as CRP.
 These therapies include hypnosis, relaxation therapy, acupuncture, massage, and yoga.
这些疗法包括催眠、放松疗法、针灸、按摩和瑜伽【5, 9】。
 Evidence suggests that massage in particular can help relieve cancer-related pain.
Hypnosis, acupuncture, imagery, and support groups show promising clinical benefits for CRP, though more rigorous trials of these interventions in a CRP context are lacking.
催眠、针灸、想象和支持小组显示了CRP的良好临床益处,尽管缺乏在CRP背景下对这些干预措施进行更严格的试验【10, 63】。
 This knowledge gap is further compounded by the fact that clinicians involved in treating CRP rarely receive sufficient training in the use of CAM therapies.

Healthcare professionals rely on evidence-based CPGs to make recommendations associated with the management of CRP.
 Due to a lack of relevant clinician training and knowledge about the use of CAM therapies for CRP,【11 12 13】 evidence-based CPGs on CRP treatment are a particularly valuable tool for healthcare professionals involved in CRP treatment.
由于缺乏相关的临床医生培训和关于使用CAM治疗CRP的知识,个循证cpg的CRP治疗对参与CRP治疗的医疗保健专业人员是一个特别有价值的工具【11 12 13】。
 The present study has identified and summarized a number of CPGs that clinicians may consult to understand what CAMs are recommended in the context of the treatment and/or management of CRP.
 To date, an appraisal of CPGs for CRP including CAM recommendations has not been conducted.
 As a result, no thorough evaluation of the credibility of CAM recommendations for cancer pain CPGs is available.
 The purpose of this systematic review was to characterize and define mentions of CAM in cancer pain CPGs, and to assess the quality of CAM recommendations using the Appraisal of Guidelines, Research and Evaluation II (AGREE II) instrument.
 本栏目的目的是描述和定义癌症疼痛CPGs中CAM的提及,并使用指南评估、研究和评估II(Agree II)工具来评估CAM建议的质量。
 This review is meant to provide an assessment and summary of existing CPGs for CAM treatment of CRP.
 These findings may serve to aid clinicians in symptom management and patient counseling during interactions with patients with CRP seeking or using CAM.
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